Truncator Saw Horse

chainsaw-chopping-logs-cupsA Saw Horse that is kind to your saw blade, kind to your back and highly efficient at processing logs

Truncator has reinvented the Saw Horse

All Truncators have the same patented tipping cup system. You simply position the cups apart to get the required log length your require. You have complete control and flexibility over the size of log you can cut. All our cups are made from recycled car battery plastic. They will not damage the chainsaw blade if accidentally cut into.

  • single-cup-tipTHE OLD WAY – Cutting logs takes lots of time, firewood falls all over the place and involves lots of lifting and bending
  • THE NEW WAY – Tuncator uses 4 or more plastic cups for multiple cutting positions, and no logs scattered across the ground and nothing to pick up
  • The row of cups hold one or more logs securely while you make all the cuts required
  • Last of all you tip each cup-full of cut timber into a barrow rather than onto the ground
  • No more lifting, chucking and re-stacking, so hopefully less back strain
  • On display at Orion Heating.

Standard Truncator models at Orion Heating

Product options
Truncator® 4Fold Full sawhorse (4 cups), with plank and Steel Trestle £139.15 £166.98
Truncator® 6Pro Full sawhorse (6 cups), with plank and Steel Trestle £195.00 £234.00

Spares and Accessories available to order
£10 to mainland UK (Highlands and Islands and extra £9)


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