Reipal Tree-Jack Felling Tool

For controlling and directing the fall of trees, safely and precisely

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Top quality Swedish Manufacturing from Reipal AB, only at Orion Forestry in the UK.

    • Dscf0974-1 copyThe Tree-Jack is an indispensable tool for safe tree felling along-side roads, power lines or when close to houses. Basically wherever you need to create a clear ‘Safe-Zone’ for felling.
    • Indispensable when it comes to cutting down a leaning tree in a certain direction.
    • The Tree-Jack is equipped with safety crank. It only moves when you turn it. Otherwise it bears the full weight safely.
    • The Tree-Jack is equipped with a folding handle
    • The Tree-Jack can be cranked out 85 cm, which means you get the tree over in one operation.
    • The Tree-Jack is equipped with a special foot with the corners bent in. Able to stand on firm ground, or a big piece of wood, a branch etc when the ground is soft.
    • The Tree-Jack is equipped with a belt (models I, II, III) so it can be carried on the shoulder. Models IV, V and VI are larger and heavier to come with a handle.
    • The department of safety in Sweden approves Tree-Jack. Plus each model is CE marked for use throughout Europe.

Customer Feedback:
“Just to let you know that I have just put both the Reipal Tree Jack and the Logrite Canthook/Logstand through a thorough days felling test and both are absolutely excellent. Working with my son, we got through the work much faster, and more importantly, safer than I would have imagined felling over 30 medium sized trees in about 3 hours.
So many thanks indeed and I would absolutely recommend these tools to anyone involved in forestry work especially for people like myself who do this as a hobby not a profession as they make for so much safer working.”
Mike B, Cornwall

Which size Tree-Jack do I need?
Reipal’s advice is;

  • If the logger cuts down Spruce as we have in Sweden and works in the woods all the time he should choose a Tree-Jack II. Small softwood trees may only need a Tree-Jack I. Here in Sweden Tree-Jack II and III are the most sold tools.
  • But if he has a lot of trees bigger than Spruce around the forest, or needs to fell near to buildings, powerlines or roads and he should chose a Tree-Jack III.
  • If he is going to cut down predominantly deciduous forest with mostly big trees he should chose a Tree-Jack IV to VI.
12 kg 13.5 kg 15.5 kg 20 kg 21 kg 24 kg
Shortest length: 115 cm 135 cm 135 cm 135 cm 135 cm 135 cm
(w/o top part): 105 cm 120 cm 120 cm 120 cm 120 cm 120 cm
In use:
Top part in: 115- 195cm 135- 220cm 135- 220cm 135- 220cm 135- 220cm 135- 220cm
Top part out: 175- 255cm 185- 270cm 185- 270cm 185- 270cm 185- 270cm 185- 270cm
Ratio/Lift capacity: 20/ 1500 kg 23/ 1800 kg 28/ 2100 kg 34/ 2550 kg 40/ 3000 kg 50/ 3600 kg
Price ex VAT
£339.68 £382.23 £498.30 £614.36 £693.28 £809.35

Tested and evaluated by Forest Research, an agency of the Forestry Commission

Reipal pusher forestry jack, Technical note 18/97.Forestry Commission. Technical Development Branch, 1998 Technical Note Download Technical Note 1997-1.
“A good piece of equipment designed to make take down of trees easier and less strenuous on the opperator”“The RPJ (UK name Reipal Tree-Jack) can assist the operator to take down a tree that has an unfavourable lean, safely and with less effort”

Tree-Jack Timber Tools in action:

  1. Decide where you want your tree to fall and make a directional cut (gob).
  2. Pull out the top part of the Tree-Jack and fix in place with the pin. Then place the Tree-Jack against the trunk and extend until the jaw bites in firmly and cannot move.
  3. Make your horizontal cut through the tree as normal, leaving a 3-5cm hinge to stabilise the fall.
  4. The Tree-Jack offers safety and added confidence – behind it is your ‘Safe-Zone’ for tools, retreat, or objects that the tree must not fall onto.
  5. Wind out the Tree-Jack and push the tree into your felling area in a single controlled operation. The gearbox ratio offers a big mechanical advantage and massive pushing power.
    See here for detailed Manufactures instructions on usage

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