logogreyReipal AB is a company located in southern Sweden with products produced since 1984. They develop and produce their own products for customers all around the world.

The two most common product lines that Reipal AB produce are:
The Tree-Jack and Dragsaxon Timber tools. These tools are used to force down trees in a predicted direction and pick up polesj or logs for manoeuvring. Thus avoiding accidents or strains.
The Stabilift – Rescue support and lifting strut. This is a rescue tool, mainly used at car accidents by fire departments. Contact us for more details on the Stablilift range.

Reipal Tree-Jack

mbox_img2LAvailable in Six Sizes for safely felling trees of any size.

  • Position the Tree-Jack so it can extend and push in the desired felling direction.
  • Wind out the Tree-Jack so it securely braces against the tree and ground.
  • Cut the trunk using a normal gob and cross cut, but larger than normal hinge.
  • Wind out the Tree-Jack, forcing over the tree in a single controlled and safe action.

 Dragsaxon Timber Tong

Dragsaxen copy

Reipal have developed a clever mechanism to ensure wood is gripped evenly. Jaws close evenly and in parallel as the handle is lifted. A flick causes them to open just as quickly.

Long version for picking firewood and logs off of the ground.

Short version for picking up poles and logs for carrying.


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