Portable Winch PCW5000

PCW5000 Petrol Portable Winch with 1000kg Pull

The PCW5000 winch is lightweight, portable and petrol powered. It is capable of a 1000 kg (2200 lb) single line pull, using a snatch block this can be doubled to pull 2000kg objects.

Portable Winch PCW5000 capastan winch at Orion HeatingPCW5000 Technical data;

      • PCW5000: Engine: 4-stroke Honda GXH-50 cc
      • Gear box: Aluminium alloy
      • Unit weight (dry): 16 kg (35 lb)
      • Dimensions (overall): 37,1 cm Length x 36,6 cm Width x 36,6 cm Height (14-5/8” x 14-3/8” x 14-3/8”)
      • Rope: Low stretch double braided polyester (not included) – Unlimited rope length – Winch Rope here
        • Minimum diameter: 10 mm (3/8”)
        • Maximum diameter: 16 mm (5/8”)
        • Recommended: 12 – 13 mm (1/2”)
      • PCW5000: Gear ratio: 110:1 Pulling force (according to drum diameter):
        • Installed: 57 mm (2-1/4”) drum: 1000 kg (2200 lb)
        • Optional: 85 mm (3-3/8”) drum: 635 kg (1400 lb)
      • Speed (according to drum diameter):
        • Installed: 57 mm (2-1/4”) drum: 12 m/min (40’/min)
        • Optional: 85 mm (3-3/8”) drum: 18 m/min (60’/min)

PCW5000 £1260.00 excluding VAT (£1512.00 including VAT)
Phone 01279 813591 today to order from our large stocks, don’t forget our quality winch rope and accessories

Moving timber using Portable Winch PCW5000

Moving timber using Portable Winch PCW5000

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The PCW5000 is adaptable;

PCW5000 pull rate can be changed to suit the job

When the engine is running, the 57 mm capstan drum rotates continuously and the friction created by pulling on the free end of the rope pulls the object. With the 57 mm (2-1/4”) capstan drum, the load will move at a speed up to 12 m/minute (40’/min), depending on the weight of the load. You can also use the 85 mm (3-3/8”) capstan drum which will give you up to 18 m/minute (60’/min) speed. More details in the user manual below.

PCW5000 is very easy to anchor

  • Use the supplied strop round a tree, rock or well set post
  • Drop the simple ‘Hitch plate anchor’ onto a tow ball (PCA-1261) for an instant winching position
  • Set up a Picket Holdfast ground anchor using two or three stakes, ideal for long recoveries across open ground.
  • Create semi-permanent anchor points from a tree or post using the ‘Tree/Pole Mount’ (PCA-1263) or a Tow ball using the ‘Heck-Pack adaptor’ (PCA-1265)

Top quality 4-stroke Honda GXH-50 cc engine

Find your local Honda approved service centre for engine oils and routine services Search for Honda Centres by postcode

Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation
Precision camshaft design
OHV design for increased efficiency and optimal power transfer
High compression ratio for better fuel efficiency

Smooth Performance
Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability

Exceptionally Quiet
Large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system
Reduced mechanical noise due to light weight, noise-reducing materials
Forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase
Sophisticated air intake system

Proven Reliability
Oil Alert
High quality materials, fit, and finish

Easy to Use and Maintain, Easy Starting
Large fuel tanks
Easily accessible spark plug
Heavy duty recoil starter
Automatic mechanical de-compression system

Emissions Compliant
CARB and EPA certified
No catalyst necessary
Spark arrester available

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