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Some example accessories are shown below. Please do phone the shop to discuss your exact requirements, there are loads more to choose from. Also see the Portable Winch PDF brochure linked below for the full range!
We hold big stocks of the really useful items such as Skidding cone and choker chain, plus most items in the brochure.

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portable winch brochure coverDownload the PCW3000 and PCW5000 pdf brochure
for winch photos and the full range of accessories
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Anchoring options
Vertical pull winch rig. For sending the winch line upwards for cable lifts, A-Frame work etc. Fits to a 2″ anchor point and must incorporate a self blocking snatch block in the set-up.
50mm tow ball “Hitch plate” winch anchor. For a convenient temporary anchor point, use the tow ball on a vehicle.
Tree/Pole Mount. A heavy duty and secure mount for supporting the winch. Useful for when the winch is to be used all day and left running for extended periods.
Snatch blocks, pulleys and the great choker chain
Swing side snatch block 100mm diameter. A must have accessory for safe off-angle pulls and keeping the nose of a log out of the ground.
Double swing side snatch block. Double up the pulling capacity of your winch using pully combinations. See here for advice.
Just the right size for attaching and dragging logs or bundles.
 Job specific suggestions
The Skidding cone. Made from impact resistant plastic polymer to take logs upto 50cm diameter. Negotiate snags and obstacles with ease, prevents ploughing a log up hill.
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