Portable winch

Portable Winch PCW5000 & PCW3000 Honda Petrol-powered capstan winches

Orion Forestry - Approved UK Dealer

Orion Forestry – Approved UK Dealer

The original truly portable Petrol Powered rope winch. A top quality tool manufactured in Canada to very high standards using Honda Power. Available at Orion Forestry an Approved Dealer and retailer for Portable Winch.

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Portable Winch PCW5000

large_630Powerful and robust. The kind of tool that goes out on every job. The line speed is good for most tasks, but it can do a rapid 18 metres per minute by swapping in the larger capstan drum. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE PCW5000


Portable Winch PCW3000

large_1147Lightweight and powerful for it’s size. Easy to pack away, especially if using 10mm rope. Light to carry long distances in a pack or using the case and backpack adaptor.


Double Braided Polyester Capstan Winch Rope


Top quality 12mm and 10mm Polyester Double Braided winch line for use with the PCW5000 and PCW3000 winches. Made in Britain by our top rope manufacturer Marlow.

Industrial Winches PCW5000-HS, PCH1000 & PCH2000

Portable Winch PCH2000 at Orion ForestryPowerful and portable. High speed winch for cable instalaltion and long distance dragging. Plus two models for vertical pulls and lifting, incorporating captive rope and declutching safety features.


Portable Winch Accessories

large_641High quality accessories to compliment the PCW3000 and PCW5000 winches. From snatch blocks to skidding cones, rope and carry cases. Everything you need, with advice available by phone or email to help you choose the correct bits.


PCW5000 – In stock now, for next day delivery.
PCW3000 – In stock now, for next day delivery.
Accessories & Rope – Always held in stock for next day delivery


To place orders for Portable Winch phone 01279 813591 or email david.morgan@orionheating.co.uk

How our customers use their winches;

PCW5000 winch anchorage

Anchor to anything. Winch everything.

  • bring down hung-up trees safely
  • pull out of reach 1000kg logs to a track or processing site
  • get a vehicle un-stuck, out of a ditch or free from a snow drift
  • extract logs from steep or sloping terrain
  • in combination with a Logrite Fetching arch to extract large logs through woodland or up slopes
  • haul a deer out of the undergrowth, from water or across long opens stretches of land
  • attached to an offroad vehicles including Quad, Argocat, Polaris & Gator to create a powerful winching platform that wont drain the battery – 100% winching duty cycle
  • rescue ponies and horses stuck in streams and bogs
  • extract inaccessible or valuable timber from moats, rivers and streams
  • stack timber without a crane using a Portable Winch and Skidding cone
  • marine salvage, out at sea or from the coast line
  • offshore petrol winching in remote locations from multiple anchor points
  • drag reeds and cuttings from wetland
  • pull items safely up a cliff face using self blocking pulleys
  • pull boats up beaches and slipways
  • attach to a boat or car trailer as a fast, powerful and detachable loading winch
  • launch and manoeuvre yachts inside a marina or harbour
  • establish an extraction route where vehicles are prohibited, such as on footpaths, tow-paths or walkways
  • salvage trolleys and bikes from canals
  • lift and recover items from the seabed or a river bed
  • move water pumps along narrow culverts or walkways, including inside the Eden Project
  • pull cables across inaccessible objects
  • draw cable through culverts or install heater elements into oil pipe line
  • pull kilometres of cabling for solar farm installations through fields, hedges and undergrowth
  • drag heavy objects up a hill instead of carrying them
    Many more examples here……


Portable Winch brochure coverDOWNLOAD the Portable Winch PCW3000 & PCW5000 Brochure for more details

A quality Canadian product, designed for reliable performance outdoors. Use the Portable Winch with any length of double braided polyester low stretch rope, available to buy from us in any length required.

Quite simply the rope is tied to the object to be moved and wound three or four times around the capstan drum. A guiding pull causes the rope to grip and the engine does the work.

Anchor it to a tree, a stump, a post using the provided 2 m (6’) polyester sling or to the ball hitch of a vehicle with the optional hitch plate winch anchor (PCA-1261).Thanks to the capstan principle, there is no limit to the rope length.

You’ll be able to pull what you want, where you want, when you want. Because unlike conventional winches, it offers a constant pulling power. No cooling period or short duty cycle to worry about, the reliable Honda engine and capstan gearbox provide a winch that can work 100% of the time, and all day long.


pe-logoFind your local Honda approved service centre for engine oils and routine services Search by postcode
The Honda Warranty can be called on by taking your winch to any approved ‘Power Equipment’ workshop worldwide.


Portable Winch at Orion Heating
We supply Portable Winch throughout the UK and Ireland.
We are an approved retailer for Portable Winch in the UK and Ireland

Government, Commercial, Professional and Industrial customers can take advantage of our extensive range of accessories, Authorised Supplier status and Certificate of Conformity provision.

  • Environment Agency depots across the UK come to us for Winches, Rope and accessories. We are set up on Procure2Pay and hold large stocks of winches. 
  • Forestry Commission customers in all geographic divisions purchase  Winches, Rope and accessories from us. We are set up on your BACS Payment system.
  • National Trust properties, estates and conservation sites can streamline purchases, we are an approved supplier with your Finance Service Centre. Contact us for information on other NT Portable Winch and Logrite Logging Arch customers for testimonials.
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