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Our most versatile arch in the 2 foot diameter and 1 ton category! The Fetching Arch was designed to do the heavy lifting on steep slopes or sensitive areas that are off limits to wheeled vehicles such as ATVs or tractors.

fetching winchThe Standard Model is setup for winching, so comes with;
– Winching eye and short handle attachment
– 25″ Log grabbing tongs
– Big 24″ offroad tyres
– Right hand photo shows the Fetching Arch used in combination with a Portable Winch PCW5000 (not included)


Towing adaptor
Drop Tongue with 2″ towball hitch and cable winch.
fetching drop tonguefetching3Attaching the Drop Tongue to the front of the arch turns it into a capable log forwarding arch. Basically it becomes the ATV arch, but with more options.
The cable is fed under a log and back up. An eye on the cable end either grips round the diameter using a captive bell, or attaches back to the arch chassis for added mechanical advantage and lifting capacity. The two speed cable winch on your Drop Tongue is used to wind the log up into the arch for clean and secure forwarding.

Horse Logging Pole Arch attachment
Attaches to the front end, with a Log Yoke and cable winch in one compact unit.
Fetching Pole arch20150912_15303720150912_152542




Transforms the Fetching arch into a Pole Arch for fully suspending seriously large logs clean off the ground. Shown here with the normal Fetching eye and handle attachment in the front for easy handling and positioning.
The ‘Fetching Pole Arch’ is a stable extraction tool with big offroad tyres for efficient heavy horse logging. Large logs upto 25″ diameter or bundles of logs can be lifted up into the arch.

Extractions are carried out using two standard methods;

  • Front end chained up into a Scandinavian arch for added control, backing up or work on sloping ground. As shown in photos above. This method fully suspends the log during forwarding, so no part touches the ground. Best for Minimum ground damage, plus it ensures clean timber arrives at the Mill or processing site.
  • Pulled using a simple swingle tree setup. The log would be balanced slightly nose heavy to ensure that it sits down safely when not pulled. A choker chain round the nose end would lift the log during extraction. 90% of the log stays clean using this method, only the front edge contacts the ground during forwarding.


Two-man Handle
fetching handlemade-in-america-banner2The big 72″ T-bar handle and extension turns the Fetching arch into a massive manual log mover. Two people could use this setup to roll timber around the mill or manoeuvre logs that would otherwise require a crane and tractor.

 Logrite Fetching Arch Specifications:

  • Log Capacity: 25″ diameter
  • Length Capacity: 16′ fully suspended
  • Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs
  • Tyre Size: 24″ outside diameter
  • Tong Size: 25″
  • Arch Width: 58 1/2″ includes tires
  • Arch Height: 44″
  • Arch Length: 78″
  • Arch Length with 2 Man Handle:  144″
  • Arch Length with Tow Tongue:  115″  from 13″ ball height
  • Arch Weight: 206 pounds

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