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The Logrite Buck Arch is a big version of the Junior. It is as easy to use as the Junior but offers more log capacity and features.  The Buck is sold in two different configurations.

  • Buck Arch – hand use package (includes handle and tongs)
  • Buck Arch – tow package (includes drop tongue, winch and snatch block)

Options or accessories:

  • DSC02682_500DSC02681_500Standard Manual Handling Setup
    With T-bar handle and log biting tongs.
    Tong mount – Two height positions for smaller and larger logs.
  • Towing Package for ATV Attachment
    A “Drop Tongue” adaptor. Incorporating 2″ ball hitch and log lifting cable winch. Logs are winched up into the arch for secure forwarding.




  • Chain Adaptor for Buck & Fetching Arches
    Welded Log Choker chain and Chain Hook for grabbing timber/pipes/steels DSC02630_500DSC02626_500chain_adapter

Logrite Buck Specifications:

  • Log Capacity: 22″ diameter
  • Length Capacity: 16′ fully suspended when using by hand
  • Length Capacity: 10′ fully suspended when towing
  • Weight Capacity: 1800 pounds
  • Tire Size: 50/30 X 12 outside diameter
  • Tongs: 25″

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