Logrite BTS Haulter 2in1 Brash Trolley

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2-in-1 – Superb Brash Trolley & Heavy Duty Sack Barrow

BTS Brash Trolley bts2 btsThe BTS Hauler is a 2-in-1 Sack barrow and Brash Trolley which features 1500 lb load limit and 46 cubic feet of space.

Also great for moving Barrow Bags full of firewood in and out of vans, across gardens or down paths. The BTS Hauler has a massive footplate for carrying big logs or bags, plus in it’s Brash Trolley mode can be stacked high with waste so you need to do less dragging.

Add a large one tonne bag (see bleow) and the BTS Hauler can transport big loads of chippings, logs or loose cuttings, making it the ultimate wheelbarrow as well.

No tools are needed to convert the barrow to the trolley. Just pull the 4 pins to convert or to break it down to fit into your truck tool box or trunk.


Logrite BTS Hauler Specifications:

  • Carries up to 1500 lbs in weight in either configuration
  • Brash trolley can hold 46 cubic feet
  • Optional Tow ball attachment arm, turns the brash trolly into a mini forwarder for logs and brash
  • Optional wide tyre for soft ground
  • And the best part – both the hand truck and brush hauler fit through a 36  inch gate!


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