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The ATV arch is a tough, light structure designed to move logs. It is easy for one man to use. It can be used behind an ATV, Gator, ride-on lawn mower or 4×4.

11130387_970696812955293_2292028106231556631_oThe ATV arch has an effective “reach” of 5 feet allowing it to pick up and fully suspend logs up to 10 or 11 feet in overall length by their middle, or drag just the tail end of longer logs.

atv arch 2It is also effective in hauling logs 20 feet or longer with minimal tail drag. Where longer logs need to be moved with no disturbance the Junior or Buck arches can be used as a tag axle to fully suspend the log.

Logrite ATV Arch Specification:

  • Log Capacity: 25″ diameter
  • Length Capacity: 10′ fully suspended, longer with tail drag or jockey arch
  • Weight Capacity: 2000 pounds
  • Tire Size: 24″ outside diameter
  • Ball Coupler: 2″
  • Arch Width: 58″ includes tires
  • Arch Length: 111″ includes tires
  • Arch Height: 52″ at tip of winch handle from 13″ ball height
  • Arch Weight: 234 pounds
  • 3200 lb 2 speed hand winch and 3/8″ choker cable

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