Logrite Logging Arches and Forwarders

Move Any Log, Anywhere, With Minimal Power, Disturbance and Effort.

Our log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry, arborist and portable sawmill applications. Log arches allow for low impact operations in sensitive areas, minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling. These log arches are proprietary products in production since 1996. Originally manufactured for Future Forestry Products, Inc. and now manufactured and distributed by LogRite Tools. LogRite continues to lead the industry for design and development of state of the art, progressive equipment for selective harvesting, thinning, log and material handling for forest land owners, arborists and sawyers.


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The Arches;

Small Arches Midsize Arches Large Arches Specialist
Junior Buck Fetching ATV T30 & T36 BTS Hauler
junior2 buck-sm fetching1-sm atv-sm tractor 2 bts4

Uses for Logrite Logging arches;

  • urlMove timber in sensitive or inaccessible areas. Logrite Arches can weave through trees like no other vehicle.
  • Achieve minimal ground disturbance and forward clean logs for processing.
  • Ensure log moving and lifting are both safe and controllable. Each Logrite Arch carries a CE mark.
  • Enable one person to operate independently, processing timber all day, without calling in the heavy machinery.
  • Reduce risk by adding manual control to problem jobs such as bringing down hung up trees.


LogoNationalTrustOrion Heating supply Logrite and Portable Winch Tools to: National Trust (Registered Supplier), Eden Project, Conservation Projects, Woodland Co-operatives, Groundsmen, Gamekeepers….

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