Kinetic Energy Electric Log Splitter

QuikSplit 7 Ton Kinetic Energy Logsplitter at Orion ForestryPortek – Kinetic Energy QUIKSPLIT 7 Ton Impact Log Splitter
The fastest log-splitter on the market today…

Brand new on the UK market, the 7 Ton QuikSplit 7 brings industrial efficiency splitting to the small scale log processor or home user. We sell the brand new 7 Ton Kinetic Energy version, not the superseded 5 Ton model.

Available from stock at Orion Forestry
Portek Kinetic Energy QuickSplit 7 £595 inc. VAT

  • Uses kinetic energy to split your logs – fast!
  • Two enclosed flywheels spin up to speed in seconds for instant power
  • 14 logs split in the time it takes a normal hydraulic splitter to do 3. Watch the videos above to see the impressive 47 second challenge!
  • Has a high impact force of 7 tonnes
  • Portable and easily positioned
  • Can cut through tough, knotty wood

The QuikSplit  is a super fast, powerful and portable machine, with a build quality you expect from Portek. With a convenient handle, strong chassis and wheels, the QuikSplit can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work. Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a force of 7 tonnes. The machine uses kinetic energy to hit your logs with high impact; cutting them quickly and safely.

Kinetic Energy portek QuikSplit 7 at Orion Forestry

Kinetic Energy quiksplit 7 ton log splitterFor the release mechanism, 2 hands are needed. One to engage the drive mechanism, the other to release the ram. The ram springs back in no time at all, ready for the next log. The heavy duty steel guards ensures you are safe from the mechanics – and the safety switch is located next to the handles, for extra fast stopping if required.



Splitting Axes

We specialise in finding quality axes that work well, take a good edge and perform perfectly year after year. Hultafors manufacture a range of “proper” Swedish axes, using iron from a Swedish mountain that is prized for it’s ability to hold an edge and withstand impacts.

You won’t find the massively heavy Sledge Hammer splitters that appear in DIY stores each Winter, with bone shaking plastic handles and soft low-grade steel blades. These Swedish designs will glide through a log using the long tapered blade, with just enough weight to function well without exhausting the user.


splitting-axe-kly-ra_artnr_840592splitting-axe-sly_artnr_840601splitting-axe-kly-sv_artnr_840581SPLITTING AXE KLY RA – The best way to split down logs safely and with minimum effort. A proper Scandinavian splitting axe, with long driving blade and straight wedge shaped edge.
1500g & 2500g Long axes – These Heavier axe heads are ideally suited for splitting full rounds of cut wood. Green logs are driven apart easily using the 1500g traditional Scandinavian head. If your wood type requires the use wedges, the 2500g head with maul can double as a sledge.
900g Short axe –  A vital tool for stove users. The shorter and lighter axe can be used with one hand to split down an oversized piece of firewood, or turn a couple of logs into a pile of kindling.


Head Weight Handle length Handle Price inc. VAT
Standard 1500 g 750 mm 30″ Hickory £70.63
With Maul 2500 g 800 mm 32″ Hickory £74.56
Short 900 g 500 mm 20″ Hickory £37.82
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