Hultafors Craftsman’s Knife

Carbon steel and Stainless steel Craftsman’s knife

The Hultafors Craftsman Knife range is becoming an Outdoors favourite, not only for the price but also it’s indestructible build quality and blade durability. See the Youtube video from Kepis Bushcraft

Orion Heating carry stocks of Hultafors Knives and Axes. Please visit our shop to discuss the best knife for your work and see the build quality.

Prices below include VAT. Orders can be taken by email only with attached photographic proof of age. Bladed tools can only be sold to people over 18 years of age. Postage is only £1.50 for 1-4 knives.

craftsmans knife hvk

Craftsman’s Knife HVK

Carbon steel knife developed to meet the needs of craftsman

craftsmans knife hvk-ghCraftsman’s Knife HVK GH
£6.58Craftsman’s knife with friction rubber handle grip. GH=Grip handle
craftsmans knife rfr-ghCraftsman’s Knife RFR GH
Craftsman’s knife with friction grip and stainless steel blade. GH=Grip handle
craftsmans knife rfrCraftsman’s Knife RFR
£7.13Craftmans knife with stainless steel blade
chisel knife stkChisel Knife STK
Robust knife with V-ground chisel
heavy-duty knife gkHeavy Duty Knife GK
A powerful and durable ground knife for tough tasks


Essentially, knives haven’t changed in over 100 years. When we were developing our craftsman’s knives, we got help from the real experts – professional craftsmen.

We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and tried to identify their needs. We made prototypes that were tested by them out in the field, made changes and tested them again. The final result was a unique range of knives tailored specifically to how craftsmen actually work.


The blades of our knives are made from Japanese steel, which is renowned for its high quality. The cutting edge is sharpened in several stages and is given a final honing on a leather strop. This makes the blade very durable and gives it a really sharp edge.


Both the handle and holster and made from super-durable polypropylene – PP plastic. The handle is designed to give you a safe and comfortable grip.

A unique function means that the holster does not detach from the button in your trousers, whilst at the same time being easy to remove. We have used different colours for the handles so that you can easily recognise your favourite knives.

Knives and Axes can only be sold to people over 18 years of age. Please bring along some ID if you happen to look very youthful.

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