The horse in the forest : caring, training, logging

 20150901_115413by Hans Sidbäck

Title: The horse in the forest : caring, training, logging
Author: Hans Sidbäck
Publisher: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Research Information Centre/Forestry, 1993.
Format:  Print book in English
ISBN: 9157647623 9789157647627
OCLC Number: 39608487
Description: 112 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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 Introduction by the author to ‘The horse in the forest : caring, training, logging’;

Up to the beginning of the 1960s the horse was used for nearly all the off-road transport in Sweden. Since then horse has almost entirely been replaced by machines. However, about 1 million m³ of wood is still transported by different types of horse carriages. The interest in driving in the forest by horse is now increasing and many schools and institutions have courses in the subject. Up till today there has been a shortage of suitable literature. Therefore it is now very gratifying to be able to present “The horse in the forest”. The book however is not only about off-road transport by horse, but also deals with common caring and training of horses. This is why the book is also useful in other situations when working with horses. The book is produced in cooperation with The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and a number of competent horse drivers in Sweden.20150901_115455

“A good book to find is “The Horse in the Forest” by Hans Sidback”,

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