Horse Logging

Tools for Horse Logging

Extraction of timber from remote or sensitive sites using traditional logging methods. Orion Forestry specialise in the Small Scale side of timber extraction, which means a number of our products lend themselves perfectly to horse logging.

46-collar_rein_girth_on_horseSerious work that requires a less destructive method;

  • Forestry in SSSI woodland and on Conservation sites
    – where heavy machinery damages the surface and disrupts habitat or visitors
  • Tree surgery and extraction along Canal tow-paths or river banks
    – where regulations prohibit the use of motorises vehicles of any type
  • Rough, sloping or limited access sites
    – where only a Horse or Quad-bike can venture


Horse Logging Books

20150901_115413The horse in the forest : caring, training, logging by Hans Sidbäck
“A good book to find is “The Horse in the Forest” by Hans Sidback”, We will make a 50p donation with each book sold to the British Horse Loggers Charitable Trust.

£21.99 including Delivery click here for details

Logrite Pole Arch

Fetching Pole arch 20150912_153037 20150912_152542
Our Logging Arches have been refined and improved by Logrite for 25 years, so that now they offer the best quality, most stable and efficient method for moving logs by horse, hand, 4×4 or winch.

logriteAlongside Logrite we have developed the Pole Arch Attachment for the Logrite Fetching Arch.  Using the stable and robust arch to perform the job it does best – suspending logs – and optimising it for Horse Logging as a Pole Arch.

Our ‘Pole Arch’ attachment transforms the Fetching arch into a Pole Arch, for fully suspending seriously large logs clean off the ground. Shown here with the normal Fetching eye and handle attachment in the front for easy handling and positioning.
The ‘Fetching Pole Arch’ is a stable extraction tool with big offroad tyres for efficient heavy horse logging. Large logs upto 25″ diameter or bundles of logs can be lifted up into the arch.

Extractions are carried out using two standard methods;

  • Front end chained up into a Scandinavian arch for added control, backing up or work on sloping ground. As shown in photos above. This method fully suspends the log during forwarding, so no part touches the ground. Best for Minimum ground damage, plus it ensures clean timber arrives at the Mill or processing site.
  • Pulled using a simple swingle tree setup. The log would be balanced slightly nose heavy to ensure that it sits down safely when not pulled. A choker chain round the nose end would lift the log during extraction. 90% of the log stays clean using this method, only the front edge contacts the ground during forwarding.

Forums seem to be full of home made or custom Pole Arches. Each version experimenting to find the solution to a problem that Logrite solved years ago. Strength, manoeuvrability, winching points, centre of gravity and log lifting methods are Logrite’s area of expertise.


Hand Tools for Horse Logging – Canthooks, Log rollers, Hookaroons and Timber Tongs




Dragsaxen new

Timber Tongs


Choker chains and skidding cones

Quality logging accessories from Portable Winch more details and pricing here
Plus Low stretch rope, snatchblocks and Karabiners
The Skidding cone. Made from impact resistant plastic polymer to take logs upto 50cm diameter. Negotiate snags and obstacles with ease. Ideal for use with a Swingle Tree.
Double swing side snatch block. Design safe and off-angle pulls, plus double up the pulling capacity of your horse. See here for advice.
Just the right size for attaching and dragging logs or bundles. A quality product that fits standard chain hooks.
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