Bluecreeper – Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubricant

bluecreeper-logritePenetrating Lubricant

Bluecreeper is a  penetrating, multipurpose synthetic lubricant designed to creep into tight spaces, loosening rusted or varnished surfaces, providing ongoing lubrication for the loosened parts to move against each other. Bluecreeper is also an extremely effective lubricant  where it is a dirty application or where excessive wasted lubricant is a problem.

  • Tool Restoration – Automobiles and Motorcycles – Bicycle Maintenance – Barber & Salon Tools – Precision Jewelry Tools – General Tool Maintenance

Manufactured in the US by Logrite and brought in to the UK by Orion Forestry. Bluecreeper has high temperature capabilities, it won’t harm plastic and it will also provide some short-term rust protection. And let’s not forget, it has a pleasant minty smell.

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 Product  Description Cost inc. VAT
 Bluecreeper 1-oz

One Ounce Precision Oiler

One Ounce Precision Oiler, Filled with Bluecreeper. Fitted with a tough and practical needle dispenser, ready to use suitable for refilling.

 Bluecreeper 8oz

Bluecreeper 8-oz. Refill

This one half pint (nominal 8-oz.) refill of Bluecreeper multipurpose oil is a great backup for refilling our Precision Oilers.  It is a high density polyethylene package which will stand up to the rigors of your shop.  You should always have some Bluecreeper in reserve.

 Bluecreeper value pack

Bluecreeper Value Pack

This product pack provides a nice supply of Bluecreeper Multi Purpose Lubricant.
It includes two refillable precision oilers filled with Bluecreeper Lubricant and an additional 8-oz. bottle of Bluecreeper.


Bluecreeper SMO (Sewing Machnine Oil)

Bluecreeper SMO is a stainless lubricant designed specifically for sewing machines.  Formulated with Bluecreeper to “creep”  into all those small parts to reduce friction and wear.  SMO is a low viscosity oil that will not collect lint or dust and will not gum or clog.  The leak-proof bottle has a 4 1/2″ flexible tube for easy and clean dispensing.

Bluecreeper SMO contains NO silicone, NO teflon and NO detergent making it the ideal lubricant for your machine.
Whether you are maintaining a new machine or restoring a vintage sewing machine, Bluecreeper SMO is the best lubricant you can use to keep your machine at peak performance.
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