Welcome to Orion Forestry, our shop for Small Scale High Quality Forestry Equipment

Orion Forestry Tools designed to last for years plus make your work easier and safer. Orion Forestry selects tools for moving timber and logs, but equally applicable for moving cables and machinery. Versatile tools chosen from quality brands for unique or outstanding features.

Orion Forestry is a division of Orion Heating & Renewables Limited. Visit the sister company Orion Heating for woodburning stoves, fireplaces and cooking ranges.


Portable Winch PCW5000portable winch at Orion Forestry
Portable Winch PCW3000
Petrol-powered capstan winches

Moving timber using Portable Winch PCW5000 at Orion Forestry

Moving timber using Portable Winch PCW5000

Need to pull something? Where you cant take a 4×4, bring down hung-up trees, pull out-of-reach logs, get a vehicle un-stuck, or haul a stag out of the undergrowth, then Portable Winch is for you – Click here for further details

marlow-logo-webMarlow Double Braided Polyester Capstan Winch Rope

rope2bfetching winchTop quality 12mm and 10mm Polyester Double Braided winch line for use with the PCW5000 and PCW3000 winches. Made in Britain by our top rope manufacturer Marlow.

Logrite – Logging Arches and Forestry toolslogrite at Orion Forestry

Move any log, anywhere, with minimal power, disturbance and effort. Logging Arches for moving logs by hand, horse, towing or winching. Plus traditional tools – canthooks and hookaroons – manufactured to the best modern standards. Click here for further details

hultafors at Orion ForestryHultafors – Swedish Axe and Knife Shop

h0272840710-hunting-axe-classic-artnr-840710-823038530-rszww175mh175-90Hultafors Axes are hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel. Traditional methods in use since 1697. Click here for more Hultafors Axesh0301380010-craftsmans-knife-hvk-artnr-380010-418972498-rszww175mh175-90. Top quality knives at reasonable prices. High Carbon steel blades and well designed handles. See our range of Hultafors Craftsman Knives here.

Reipal – Tree-Jack for Safe Directional Tree DropsReipal at Orion Forestry

Dscf0718Strong and easy to use tool for directing the fall of a tree. Whether next to roads or buildings, or working on a wonky tree. Simple, effective and very good quality Swedish engineering. Also REIPAL Timber Tong Log and Firewood grabbers
For extending your reach and firewood grabbing grip. REIPAL have vastly improved on Dragsaxen copysimilar products by designing a mechanism that grabs and grips without requiring positioning and yanking.

Tools for Horse Logging & Manual Timber Extraction at Orion Forestry

Horse Logging at Orion ForestryExtraction of timber from remote or sensitive sites using horses. Orion Forestry specialise in the Small Scale side of timber extraction, sourcing tools specific to Horse Logging or ideally suited to it.

Truncator – Multi log Saw-horsetruncator at Orion Forestry

The Truncator work height is safe and comfortable at Orion ForestryThe sawhorse is filled with multiple pieces of timber, then the timber is cut down the slots between each cup. The cups are a set distance apart that suits your stove or fire. Cut all the timber in place without moving, then tip each cup out into the wheelbarrow. No lifting or bending to pick up cut wood.
National Trust and Orion ForestryOrion Heating are a registered supplier to; National Trust, Eden Project, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission…. In addition we supply, farms, foresters, conservation projects, Woodland Co-operatives, Yacht builders, Powerline inspectors etc throughout the UK.
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